September 30, 2013

    Agallis Zinthros

    I moved. I came to terms with a new schedule. I learned that the only ‘net available was awful BHN (under 1/5 my previous upload speed). I’ve been logging in to EVE again. Expect new content very, very soon. I have also figured out settings that should allow me to stream, albeit at reduced quality. The XCOM Enemy Unknown Drinking Game is coming, replete with cam for proof of inebriation. Guild Wars 2 reset night streams will be returning, and were absent due to guild issues that will be detailed in a separate post.


    August 6, 2013

    Agallis Zinthros

    Following two straight defeats at the hands of Hydra Reloaded, Pandemic Legion was counted out of the tournament by commentators and betters alike, with negativity surging in the stream chat, forums, Jita local, etc. Making confident betters (and Shadoo) doubtlessly pleased, PL proceeded to win the next three rounds due to a combination of poor leadership on the part of Hydra (notably target calling) and good play from Pandemic Legion, including a surprise shield+missile fleet. You can watch the finals here or after the break, starting with the first PL vs Hydra match. It has been widely speculated that Hydra was intentionally running setups traditionally attributed to PL for humiliation factor, and if so it doubtlessly cost them the tournament, though they did take home ...


    August 4, 2013

    Agallis Zinthros

    In just under twenty minutes time, the final matches of Alliance Tournament XI will kick off, with the winners taking home the sexiest prize ships to date, including a covops cloaking Dramiel. You can see the video on CCP’s Twitch TV page. The match begins at 19:40 server time. If you missed any particular previous matches, you can catch up on them at CCP’s YouTube Channel in 1080P HD.


    July 11, 2013


    Following one of the EVE livestreams, our YouTube channel saw its first two uploads, both of them from a night of The Retirement Club taking a lowsec trip to tangle with the Gallente faction warfare pilots. The videos have been audio-swapped for electronic music due to noise gating issues with the microphone. The comms of this streamer are also filtered out per alliance request, meaning it can be hard to tell whether they are talking to viewers / themselves or alliance mates even when noise gating is working correctly. The videos have black bars due to the render resolution being 3840×1080, with the stream quality / chat monitored on a third display. The night went well for 401K overall despite the loss of two ...


    July 1, 2013


    GENERAL INFORMATION The prize here is one PLEX, delivered in-game via contract to the winner. The PLEX is transferred after the final renders (PNG, ICO, etc) and before source files (PDF, XCF, SVG, etc). All rights to the material are released when the PLEX is accepted, but the winner will be mentioned on the attributions page, with contact information or an (appropriate) link if they so desire. The contest runs through the month of July, with a winner selected on the 31st. THE PACKAGE Assets should be retina-ready, which means supersampling most assets on desktop PCs. Please master in at least 4x the target resolution. The target aesthetic is something elegant, confident, and understated. As an idea of the owner’s tastes, they find The Mittani’s theming ...


    June 30, 2013

    Agallis Zinthros

    This is a story all about how the economy got flipped turned upside down, all thanks to a familiar-looking potato of a ship known as the Dominix. It’s a story of patch speculation, industry, currency substitutes, and debt. This is a humor article and uses a fair degree of exaggeration, but also points out an extremely powerful financial hack that has been employed by some of EVE’s elite. Those with a large degree of assets may still be able to capitalize on it, provided they know where to go and have the raw liquid ISK necessary to make it worthwhile. It is published now that some time has passed, as a courtesy for those ingenious enough to implement it. It’s not happening, so ...


    June 13, 2013

    Agallis Zinthros

    The date is June 10. CFC had just commenced its invasion of TEST holdings in Fountain. J5A-IX is a crucial system because of its physical distance from the CFC staging system of B-DBYQ despite being a single (regional) jump away. This makes taking J5A absolutely essential for a Fountain campaign from that angle, since it is the only viable way to gain capital and bridge support for the region. Unknown to CFC, TEST had obtained a few “temp blues” prior to the fight, including Black Legion and The Retirement Club, standing by to titan bridge out of Tamo. The opening scene entailed a TEST fleet sitting on the J5A-IX infrastructure hub, with Pandemic Legion jumping in a combined Archon and Dominix fleet which was ...


    May 27, 2013

    Agallis Zinthros

    With a bit of buzz following the “True Stories of EVE” contest, I thought it appropriate that I remark on my personal favorite out of the bunch. After sifting through the wreckage of the “controversial topics” (BoB and Goons) down-vote war and mulling over the infamous Ubiqua Seraph heist (since EVERYONE knows someone who started playing after reading about it in PC Gamer), I started reviewing more traditional, small-scale PVP stories to see if I could find anything truly outrageous or cunning to hoist a flag behind. Today that honor belongs to Rooks and Kings for Player Owned Surprise, sometimes known as the “false tower.” This was back when Rooks and Kings were preparing to stage against The Honey Badger Coalition (HBC) in Providence. ...


    May 27, 2013

    Agallis Zinthros

    DISCLOSURE: ONE OF MY CHARACTERS IS ON THIS KILLMAIL AS AN AGGRESSOR I was not sure on whether or not I should start the site’s obligatory fail mail tag with this kill, but EVE is not always so generous with humor kills, so here it is. The story on this one is rather simple. Circle of Two rage-formed a bomber fleet to reinforce a freshly-placed 401K tower after losing a handful of ships including a Thanatos and their own tower. The response was me taking a 401K frigate fleet back to the system to drive off the bombers before they could whittle away the tower’s shields. Given the presence of a Rapier, going head on against the bombers was suicidal unless the entire gang ...


    May 25, 2013

    Agallis Zinthros

    Come Odyssey, CCP will be releasing a new, more immersive UI for the built-in exploration scanner. It functions by sweeping a visible arc out from the ship (completing a full rotation about every 3 seconds) which visibly reveals the positions of signatures in space. The usual signatures still need to be probed for a warp-in of course, but the new scanner ticks once automatically when jumping in to let the pilot know what’s in their area of the system. It can then be set to run continuously, leaving the  revealed anomalies on-screen. You can currently test the feature on Singularity, and the reception so far seems positive. CCP has dubbed this the discovery scanner, and it replaces the on-board ship scanner currently in ...

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