Following one of the EVE livestreams, our YouTube channel saw its first two uploads, both of them from a night of The Retirement Club taking a lowsec trip to tangle with the Gallente faction warfare pilots. The videos have been audio-swapped for electronic music due to noise gating issues with the microphone. The comms of this streamer are also filtered out per alliance request, meaning it can be hard to tell whether they are talking to viewers / themselves or alliance mates even when noise gating is working correctly. The videos have black bars due to the render resolution being 3840×1080, with the stream quality / chat monitored on a third display.

The night went well for 401K overall despite the loss of two Fed. Navy Comets (one to a Sabre on the way home) and the inexpensive kills, with the original goal of getting a fight more than met. The Gallente militia put up an honorable fight, coming back after losing multiple ships for a second stab. You can catch the videos on our channel or watch them here via embed.