Local Spike’s first instance of scheduled content will be a Guild Wars 2 World vs World stream every Friday night starting at 6:00PM Pacific, which is 1:00 UTC on Saturday. This stream will be followed by a brief blog post recapping the night’s fighting, with the full VoD available afterward for perusal. You can view the VoD for the first reset night stream here. These VoDs will be raw, being a pure reproduction of the stream. I fight for Tarnished Coast in Rethesis after eight months on Maguuma in DERP. This first video is plagued with some noise gating issues which cause microphone recording to cut in and out, which should be resolved now. I am on Teamspeak / Mumble during these streams, but their audio is sanitized as a courtesy to my guild and server. Thus some talking is directed at TS while some is directed to the viewers. The blog post will come out on the following Saturday, with the one for the first stream coming tomorrow.

Agallis Zinthros

I’m a third-generation bittervet, a proud Amarrian, a PVP junkie, and currently residing in Venal. I play Guild Wars 2 as Varamyr Langkron, and most other games as just Zinthros.