The prize here is one PLEX, delivered in-game via contract to the winner. The PLEX is transferred after the final renders (PNG, ICO, etc) and before source files (PDF, XCF, SVG, etc). All rights to the material are released when the PLEX is accepted, but the winner will be mentioned on the attributions page, with contact information or an (appropriate) link if they so desire. The contest runs through the month of July, with a winner selected on the 31st.


Assets should be retina-ready, which means supersampling most assets on desktop PCs. Please master in at least 4x the target resolution. The target aesthetic is something elegant, confident, and understated. As an idea of the owner’s tastes, they find The Mittani’s theming highly attractive along with the newly redesigned EVE Online webpage and Twitch TV channel format. This is not a request to shamelessly rip off anyone’s theming; examples are given as general direction only. Bear in mind this site is (and will be) using a light foreground.

The following items are considered a complete package, in exported and source format:

  • Site logo, will also be used for Twitter / YouTube / Twitch avatar
  • Site header image (WordPress says 1038×128)
  • Site favicon
  • Seamless background texture (dark for contrast, preferably)
  • Default “offline” Image for Twitch stream. At least 3840×2160


While the complete package requires a favicon, you are only required to submit a logo and header image for the blog for consideration. Submitting a full package will likely increase your chances, but it is not required. Please try to have your submission in by July 24. Later submissions will be accepted, but ample time to judge is preferred. Please mail your submission materials to administrator@local-spike.com. Questions and comments may be directed to me (Agallis Zinthros) in-game.


While we have no interest in scamming you, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. For images which require transparency or high clarity, they can be saved as fairly compressed JPG files. Watermarking is also encouraged, and screenshots of editing programs are also functional ways to prevent asset theft. Obviously, source files and proper PNG / ICO / etc files will be required on contest completion if you are chosen as the winner.