Last week, I announced a scheduled Guild Wars 2 PVP stream for every Friday night when the match-ups reset. This week I missed that deadline, and didn’t make the blog post either. Why? A combination of being sick (early sleep) and 401K re-deploying a region over for easier access to Fountain.

Overall I’m enjoying my new home on Tarnished Coast, leaving Maguuma two weeks ago due to dissatisfaction with what the server community had become, being spearheaded by a guild spearheaded by a man who legitimately believes they are the best commander in the game, and that most Maguuma guilds and ALL other servers can be accurately described as trash for one reason or another.

It’s been much better here in regards to community, and Rethesis has been courteous in helping cover the transfer and getting me set up on TC as a commander. I had the opportunity to flex that muscle on my first reset night, holding off Ehmry and Dragonbrand on two fronts during the awkward gap between late USTZ and Oceanic map coverage.

Agallis Zinthros

I’m a third-generation bittervet, a proud Amarrian, a PVP junkie, and currently residing in Venal. I play Guild Wars 2 as Varamyr Langkron, and most other games as just Zinthros.


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