With a bit of buzz following the “True Stories of EVE” contest, I thought it appropriate that I remark on my personal favorite out of the bunch. After sifting through the wreckage of the “controversial topics” (BoB and Goons) down-vote war and mulling over the infamous Ubiqua Seraph heist (since EVERYONE knows someone who started playing after reading about it in PC Gamer), I started reviewing more traditional, small-scale PVP stories to see if I could find anything truly outrageous or cunning to hoist a flag behind. Today that honor belongs to Rooks and Kings for Player Owned Surprise, sometimes known as the “false tower.”

This was back when Rooks and Kings were preparing to stage against The Honey Badger Coalition (HBC) in Providence. Having many important things to worry about, they sort of forgot to ask CVA if that was alright, and set up a staging tower. CVA formed up to abort the POS almost immediately, having a fleet ready in the system before it finished onlining (upon which a POS has no shield bubble until a password is set). One of the R&K pilots joked about “feeling naked” and needing the soothing warmth of a bubble, after which hew threw up his heavy interdictor bubble centered on the tower. Due to similar sizes, this made for a fairly convincing “substitute bubble.” With a R&K Machariel positioned a dangerous few KM outside the “shields,” it proved too tantalizing a bait for CVA, who warped down to the tower, sticking their fleet on the edge of the bubble right next to the Machariel (more or less what they wanted), and opened up on it …

… only for the Rooks and Kings faction battleship fleet to open up on them, pulling the Machariel back up from low armor in the process while melting the surprised CVA fleet from inside the “POS shields.” CVA’s superior numbers meant nothing pitched against a shiny fleet with carrier reps and fighters backing them up along with the element of surprise. CVA was promptly bubbled and cleaned up, though it’s said they ended up allowing the POS to stay there unmolested, and even worked with R&K to keep Providence clean(er) for a time. Well played, Rooks and Kings. One heavy interdictor pilot’s joke won you a cool story and my vote.

Agallis Zinthros

I’m a third-generation bittervet, a proud Amarrian, a PVP junkie, and currently residing in Venal. I play Guild Wars 2 as Varamyr Langkron, and most other games as just Zinthros.


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