I was not sure on whether or not I should start the site’s obligatory fail mail tag with this kill, but EVE is not always so generous with humor kills, so here it is. The story on this one is rather simple. Circle of Two rage-formed a bomber fleet to reinforce a freshly-placed 401K tower after losing a handful of ships including a Thanatos and their own tower. The response was me taking a 401K frigate fleet back to the system to drive off the bombers before they could whittle away the tower’s shields. Given the presence of a Rapier, going head on against the bombers was suicidal unless the entire gang could get on top of it at once. The Gnosis that showed up on field was assumed by everyone in the fleet to be anti-frigate fit, given that he came to the POS after the Rapier and bombers were seen. This necessitated a certain amount of care when trying to engage, due to the possibility of being swiftly swatted down by some of the nastier anti-frigate ships in the game.

That’s when the Gnosis was noticed approaching the POS with propulsion off. Someone chirped up in comms with the obvious “It’s bait, the Rapier’s right there cloaked,” to which I replied, “Fuck it I’m going, they can bomb them too” and burned 40K with overheated MWD to get point on the Gnosis. The gang followed and called secondary points while the Rapier de-cloaked 12KM away, instantly becoming primary and melting under close range guns. After that we finished the Gnosis while the bombers de-cloaked 30K away and unleashed their load. With bombs incoming I made the call to go MWDs hot and burn straight towards the bombers, spreading points when the distance was closed. We managed to grab a handful of the bombers for the price of a Dramiel and Merlin, beating them off of the tower (which I think is still up).

Tl;dr: Rapier and shitfit Gnosis try to bait a frigate gang when their bomber friends aren’t in position, both die.

alod - gnosis

Agallis Zinthros

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